Privacy, Security and Governance

Strong policies keep your data safe

The Ontario Brain Institute has worked with a team of experts to develop clear and comprehensive guidelines on privacy, security and the use of patient data. A goal of the Ontario Brain Institute is to facilitate and promote the sharing of research data to advance the development of improved diagnostics and treatments for neurological disorders.  Our governance documents outline how the data are collected, stored, and accessed by Brain-CODE users.  Privacy and security features have been incorporated into the very foundation of Brain-CODE, which are reinforced by state-of-the-art approaches to keep your data safe. This rigorous approach maintains the accessibility of research data for big discoveries without compromising security. 

The Governance Policy includes five documents which are available on the Brain-CODE website

We have a detailed Information Security Policy and have carried out a Privacy Impact Assessment for Brain-CODE. To ensure clarity for our study participants, we have developed standard consent language that can be accessed here.

Learn more about Brain-CODE's security and privacy or about Brain-CODE's governance

Brain-CODE is proud to have been named a "Privacy by Design" Ambassador by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.