Class of 2012

In the inaugural year of the OBI Entrepreneur’s Program we have selected to fund 7 candidates. Please see below for the short description of each entrepreneur and their project.

Michael Chrostowski

Michael is expanding on existing sound therapies for treatment of hearing loss resulting from tinnitus. A student in the McMaster Integrative Neuroscience Discovery and Study (MiNDS) Program at McMaster University, Michael was selected for co-funding by the Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE), and his company will be incubated in Hamilton, Ontario.

Q1/2 Progress: With the initial version of his software completed, Michael is now ready to begin preparation to enter clinical trials. Next steps include developing the clinical trial protocol, and hiring a research assistant. Throughout this time Michael has been working on an application to OCE’s Market readiness program which offers up to $200,000 to support the growth and development Ontario based business ventures. Company website:

Xingxing Xing

Xingxing has started up Sonola Imaging Technologies which is tackling distortion in ultrasound imaging caused by the skull, hoping to improve resolution and enable effective and inexpensive brain imaging. Xingxing comes from a background of optoelectronic engineering at University of Toronto and will join the community of entrepreneur’s at the TECHNO Incubator, University of Toronto.

Q1/2 Progress: Through strategic partnerships at Dalhousie Xingxing has acquired the equipment necessary to complete testing, and has started software simulation and development of time measurement instrumentation. Xingxing is also in the process of preparing an application for additional funding through VentureStart. VentureStart is a new program that enhances the success rate of start-up enterprises by providing essential business training for technology entrepreneurs. 

Dan Hosseinzadeh

Dan is exploring digital pathology, from visualization to analyses, in his new venture PathCore Inc., a spin-out innovation from the Sunnybrook Research Institute. An engineering graduate from Ryerson, Dan will join the community of entrepreneur’s at the TECHNO Incubator, University of Toronto.

Q1/2 Progress: Dan is engaged in business development, including licensing and strategic partnerships, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Ryerson University, NSERC and more. With a growing team, PathCore is now developing a plaque detection algorithm to create the neurodegeneration suite of digital pathology tools. PathCore has received Market Readiness funding from OCE, and is pursuing a number of other sources of funding to support the development of Pathcore. Company website:


Oleksandr Bubon

Oleksandr wants to make PET portable, with innovations in research and design of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners. A research physicist from the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute (TBRRI), and a recent graduate from Lakehead University, Oleksandr will be joining a growing community of entrepreneurs in Thunder Bay.


Q1/2 Progress: Oleksandr has product development well under way, splitting his time between Thundery Bay and Maryland, the site of his collaborators and industry partners Weinberg Medical Physics and Brain Biosciences Inc. With an innovation disclosure submitted, Oleksandr is actively seeking follow on funding to support the development of his new company. Oleksandr has been invited to present at the first annual Bloom Burton & Co Technology Transfer Conference, Bloom Burton & Co is Canada’s most active healthcare investment bank. Company website: N/A

Brian Hu

Brian has formed Sense Intelligent, to develop a tool to help deaf people experience sound through vision. A recent graduate from Waterloo’s Engineering Department, Brian will join the community of entrepreneur’s at the TECHNO Incubator, University of Toronto.

Q1/2 Progress: Brian has filed for patent protection of his new technology, playing an active role in the preparation of materials to support his application. Sense Intelligent has been incorporated and a website has been registered and is under development. The first prototype has been completed and is ready for testing. Company website:


Mehran Talebinejad

Mehran is exploring improvements in the cost and construction of TMS equipment for use in the treatment of depression as part of his young company, NeuroQore. A PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Mehran, was selected for co-funding by the Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE), and will join the community of entrepreneurs at the INVEST Ottawa Incubator.

Q1/2 Progress: After raising over $350,000 in grants, through Ontario Centres of Excellence and Ontario Brain Institute, securing intellectual property protection, and forging strategic partnerships, he and his team are ready to install NeuroQore’s technology at the Ottawa Hospital, associated with the University of Ottawa. They are preparing for clinical trials in collaboration with MaRS-EXCITE and commercialization of the technology in the research and therapeutic markets. Company website:

Aliasgar Morbi

Aliasgar, founding partner of GaitTronics, has created a robot to facilitate safe over-ground gait (walking) practice. A PhD Candidate at Carleton University, Aliasgar will join the community of entrepreneurs at the INVEST Ottawa Incubator. Aliasgar will be co-funded by the Ontario Centres of Excellence. 

Q1/2 Progress: Ali and his team at GaitTronics have been gathering feedback and advice from physicians and front line care workers to improve their gait assistance prototype. Patent strategy has been decided on, and Ali will be seeking REB approval for pilot studies in Q3. Ali and his team have been able to raise almost $35,000 in funds and are in the process of applying for several other sources of follow on funding.  Company website: