The Ontario Brain Institute builds evaluation into all aspects of its work. It isn't enough to simply think we are having an impact, we need to know it.

Evaluation Steering Committee

The Evaluation Steering Committee serves as the final authority on all issues related to OBI's evaluation activity, and it ensures that all evaluation activity is timely and of high quality.

International Advisory Committee

The OBI has also established an Evaluation International Advisory Committee, which advises the Steering Committee on developments in the field of evaluation research, initiatives that may contribute to the goals of OBI, and where fruitful collaborations can be developed. The Advisory Committee members are:

  • Dr. Martin Buxton, Brunel University
  • Dr. Jonathan Grant, King's College London
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Engel, Lundbeck Foundation
  • Dr. Anas El Turabi, Harvard University
  • Dr. Kathryn Graham, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions
  • Dr. Gary Teare, Saskatchewan Health Quality Council