Eligible interns must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Recent graduate in neuroscience or related field from a recognized post-secondary institution
  2. Not currently or previously an OBI intern
  3. Legally entitled to work in Canada

Program Areas

The internship opportunities will focus on the following program areas:


As the Research Program Intern, you will assist with the ongoing management of the five Integrated Discovery Programs:

  • collate and monitor research program milestones and budget reporting documents
  • plan workshops and meetings for the Integrated Discovery Programs
  • facilitate disbursement of research funds to programs


As the Brain-CODE Intern, you will assist with the ongoing development and support of the informatics and analytics platform:
  • maintain and track data acquisition on Brain-CODE
  • assist in the planning of meetings and workshops on informatics
  • coordinate and support data harmonization efforts for Brain-CODE
  • support documentation design and delivery related to Brain-CODE
  • support platform development planning and tracking of Brain-CODE

Industry Relations

As the Industry Relations Intern, you will assist with ongoing initiatives related to the Ontario neurotech cluster:
  • identify and review potential funding/investment opportunities for Ontario neurotech companies
  • create and maintain profiles of local and global neurotech companies
  • conduct competitive analyses on key areas of the neurotech sector on a global basis


As the Outreach Intern, you will assist with ongoing knowledge translation, communication, and evaluation initiatives:
  • develop and implement KT plans with OBI research programs
  • organize "Talk and Listen" tours at universities and hospitals across the province
  • review applications from not-for-profit groups for the Event Funding Program 
  • plan workshops and meetings for the Evaluation Support program
  • identify indicators to evaluate the economic and health impact of OBI activities
  • monitor and evaluate press coverage related to OBI and global neuroscience events
  • implement, and monitor a robust social media strategy
  • plan and create content for the OBI blog, website, and newsletter
  • draft materials for the press, including press releases, background information for journalists, answers to media enquiries and other communications materials
  • organize public and media events

Recruitment process and timelines

OBI internships run in a six-month cycle with five interns hired in early Spring of each year. Internship opportunities at partner organizations may appear throughout the year. Please see Opportunities page for current openings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OBI Internal Internship?

The OBI Internship Program provides interns a six-month internal placement at OBI and the opportunity for an additional six-month external placement with a partner organization. Our internships are paid contracts. It is intended to help recent graduates transition to a career beyond the bench. This program offers unique opportunities for mentorship, training and development while stimulating your career interests through real-world work experiences.

What opportunities are currently available?

Please see Opportunities page for current openings.

What are the qualifications required?

The ideal applicant has proven ability to demonstrate a strong and diverse skillset:

•Familiarity with Ontario neuroscience research and brain disorders
•Interest in the not-for-profit sector
•Strong oral and written communication
•Relationship management
•Time management and organization
•Independent research skills
•Experience with event coordination
•Volunteer experience
•French language (where required)

As it relates to the culture and mandate of OBI, the ideal candidate will also have:

•Experience with collaborative projects and a team-oriented environment
•Attitude - Desire to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills, enthusiasm
•Interpersonal skills - Ability to comfortably and pleasantly deal with a variety of people

What is the compensation?

OBI Internal Internships are a six-month contract with full-time hours at $15/hr.

Where are the internships located?

All internships are located at OBI offices

438 University Avenue, Suite 1618 Toronto, Ontario M5G2K8.

What is the process for applying?

Please see posting on Opportunities page for more detail.


For more information, please email