Neuroscience Asset Map

Did you know that there are over 800 neuroscience researchers, 130 brain-related companies, and 100 institutions involved in neuroscience in Ontario?

This dynamic tool allows users ranging from patients to researchers, to companies and not-for-profits to discover and connect with neuroscience resources across Ontario.

With this tool, you can:
• access information on neuroscience-related companies, researchers and institutions
• view and update your profile as a way to connect with your community
• request to customize your profile information at any time as your company/research focus expands and grows

Through the Neuroscience Asset Map, OBI hopes to facilitate interaction and discovery among these stakeholders that will deliver collaboration opportunities, innovative services, and products for brain-related health care. In doing so, it will drive the mobilization of Ontario into becoming a world leader in brain discovery, commercialization and care.
To get started, click the image below to view the map.