Physical Activity and Alzheimer's Disease Toolkit

Physical activity and Alzheimer’s disease toolkit

Based on the 2013 report The Role of Physical Activity in the Prevention and Management of Alzheimer’s Disease—Implications for Ontario, an expert panel of researchers and not-for-profit leaders was brought together by the Ontario Brain Institute to develop consensus statements regarding the role of physical activity in the prevention and management of Alzheimer’s disease in older adults. With their input, the Physical Activity Toolkit for Alzheimer’s disease was created, which includes both an information pamphlet and a planning calendar.

The information pamphlet highlights the evidence-based benefits of physical activity for older adults, along with suggestions for how to include physical activity into daily life and safety tips for being active.

Physical activity and Alzheimer's disease pamphlet

The planning calendar is a tool that allows individuals to write down their goals and motivations for engaging in physical activity, fill out a weekly calendar for planned activities, and gives advice on what individuals can do if their physical activity plans change.

Physical activity and Alzheimer's disease calendar

This toolkit, along with your local physical activity programs and resources, make it is easier to get physically active today! For more information on services available in your community, please visit the Alzheimer Society of Ontario’s website