Public Talks and Videos

We like to host public events with interesting speakers on engaging topics. OBI hosts up to 3 public talks per year with Ontario experts speaking on a range of topics from brain research to brain health.  We also create videos to share our stories, highlight our programs and showcase our partnerships. Click the links below to view our public talks and videos.

Visit our Events page to see upcoming events or our YouTube channel to see all of our videos.

Public Talks

Brusing Your Brain – What Science and Sport say About Concussions

Memory & Alzheimer's Disease – Your Brain is Amazing!

Autism: Different Thinking About Those Who Think Differently - Mike Lake and Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou

Stem Cells: the Hope and the Hype - Dr. Cindi Morshead and Dr. Michael Fehlings

Why Women Make a Difference in Brain Science

Lessons from Life, Lobotomies and Lies - Dr. Don Stuss

Three Brains. Three Lives. Three Stories. - Whitney Goulstone, Rick Green, and Andy Barrie

Driving Urgency and Unity in the Fight Against Alzheimer's - Mr. George Vradenburg

Brain Stimulation - Dr. Jonathan Downar

Taking Charge of Your Brain Health - Dr. Tiffany Chow 


Research Program Videos

CAN-BIND - Full length video and Teaser

CP-NET - Full length video and Teaser

EpLink - Full length video and Teaser

POND Network  - Full length video and Teaser

ONDRI - Full length video and Teaser